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About us

STASH is a perfectly curated safe haven for creativity, expression and sartorial independence. When Ashley Ryan opened her first location, then called MustStash, in 2011; she knew she wanted to create a space that was free of the uninspiring energy the retail market was producing at that time. She wanted to cultivate an experience around shopping for the perfect dress or gift for your best friend and not just peddle products that would eventually fill your drawers. Lucky for us, that is exactly what she did. 


STASH has worn many different hats since it was born, constantly evolving ourselves with the needs of our loyal customer base. But now, settled into our dream location in the heart of Brookside, we feel more sure than ever that we have it all figured out.  We are your go-to every occasion, every fun-itch-you-need-to-scratch store that makes you feel the perfect jolt of a retail therapy high and responsible respect to your budget. 


It has been the best journey and one thing has never changed, our continued dedication to making you feel like the best version of yourself every single day, no matter what that looks like for you. 


& in the words of our fearless leader…”WE’RE HERE FOR IT!”