rush charge air

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The Rush Charge Air is our NEW small, compact, portable charger! It comes pre-charged so it's ready to use right out of the box. Use immediately to recharge smartphones, tablets and small electronic devices on the go. Recharge your Rush Charge with your smart phone charging cable.  Rush Charge is user friendly and is a necessity for everyone.

• Patented Technology
• Comes pre-charged
• Up to 18 hours of talk time
• Up to 12 hours of internet use
• Provides high-speed charging
• Rechargeable nano-battery technology
• LED lights indicate remaining charge
• Auto shutoff to prolong battery life
• Pass-through technology (charge phone & Rush Charge simultaneously)

• Battery Capacity: 2,500mAh
• Weight: 65.2 grams
• Length: 6.7cm
• Width: 8.9cm
• Depth: 1.6cm

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